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need a limo an SUV or a private transfer?

need a limo an SUV or a private transfer?

Whatever you are planning GET IT for less. Area Limos offers competitive pricing in line with industry standards. Our standards outshine all others from our fleet of new sedans, limousines and SUV's to our office and chauffeur staff who are dedicated to giving 100% and remaining the best.

Welcome to Area Limos where everyone is a VIP

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With a new concept of luxury experience, we offer VIP limo services pleasing our clients to the highest level. Extending our services from VIP limo transfer, Airport Transfers, City Tour, Proms, Birthdays, Weddings, Beach Party, Bus Party and much more.

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Area Limos clients are provided with VIP transfer to and from airports, executive terminals and more. Our staff will ensure that you get an outstanding and fantastic experience. Our philosophy is to ensure you receive a smooth airport transfer, culminating into a broader and more joyful travel experience.  Area Limos’ VIP Concierge team understands the […]

Weddings & Birthdays

Relax and enjoy the most important and romantic day of your life in one of Area Limos various types of luxury vehicles. Our professional team is dedicated to ensuring that the Bride and Groom arrive in style in one of our beautiful wedding limos on this special day. Let us help you create happy memories […]

Proms & Tours

Take a trip in VIP limo and reach your destination in Style. Area limos is perfect for Promo Nights, You and your guests will arrive in VIP Style to your destination. We strive to treat all our customers like family. We are reliable and these insure that we are always on time which are the […]

Beach & Bus Parties

Enjoy and experience a private, luxurious and panoramic tour at the beach of your choice from the comfort of your own chauffeur and limousine that is customized to your specific needs. A courteous and professional guide that effortlessly takes you on a complete tour of the most famous beaches around our area of operation will […]